InSolem capitalizes on its product development skills in order to offer custom solutions. Its range of competences includes :


  • Dimensioning of solar projects 

    InSolem operates upstream of the projects in the feasibility studies. Its mission includes the analysis of the clients’ needs, the suggestion of the best fitted technological solutions and their economic assessment. InSolem operates on all types of projects : self-consumption or resale of energy.

  • Software development

    InSolem develops custom software solutions for highly demanding industries (energy, automotive and railway ). InSolem focuses on embedded software development, including the low-level as well as the high level development layers. All InSolem developments comply with the automotive standards.

  • Mechanical Design

    InSolem offers mechanical design services, including conception, simulation and strength calculations.

  • Prototype and Proof-Of-Concept development

    InSolem offers comprehensive development services, up to the design, production and testing of prototypes or proof of concepts.