InSolem micro-inverter generates 5V, 12V and 220V electric current from photovoltaic energy, with a dedicated battery management system. The micro-inverter can cover the 250W – 1500W power range.

InSolem micro-inverter is integrated in the Mobile InsoKit to offer a turnkey off-grid energy production solution.



  • Maximum energy production

    Micro-inverters make it possible to reach the maximum energy production of each panel, independently from the other panels of the system. Therefore the global energy output is maximized compared to centralized inverters. Indeed solar systems are continuously impacted by environmental factors such as shadow or dust. Centralized inverters have series wiring and the least performant module determines the overall performance of the system, resulting in lower energy production capacities.

  • High Reliability

    Contrary to centralized micro-inverters, the micro-inverter removes the risks associated with a single point of failure and therefore reduces the risk of failure.

  • High Security

    The micro-inverter functions with very extra low DC voltage, therefore reducing the risk of fire and electrical shock.

  • Autonomy

    The micro-inverter can be used for off-grid applications as well as grid-connected projects.

  • Integrated battery management

    A battery management system is integrated in a plus-and-play turnkey solution.