Insokit Off-Grid 300W is a small-scale off-grid energy production solution. The solution is made of a solar panel, a battery, an integrated battery management system and three plugs : 220 volts, USB socket and 12 volts. The solar panel can be moved from East to West for on optimal daily energy production. The system is mounted on a wheel, enabling to move it and protect it in case of bad weather or potential vandalism.


  • Easy assembly and maintenance

    Enabling an autonomous management of the system by the final user.

  • A turnkey energy production solution

    Once the kit has been assembled, the user only has to connect its devices in the available power sockets (220 volts, 12 volts and USB). The integrated software manages the battery charge and the use of the energy.

  • A mobile solution

    The solution can be moved and therefore protected from bad weather or potential night theft.

  • An optimal energy production

    By moving the panel from East to West during the day, the daily energy production can be increased by up to 30% compared to a fix structure in an optimal position.