InsoTrack Duo is a 2-axis solar tracker for off-grid applications. InsoTrack Duo maximizes the energy output thanks to an optimal solar tracking, and smoothes the daily energy production. As a result the match between the production and consumption curves is optimized, and InsoTrack Duo drastically minimizes the required energy storage capacity.


  • A solution tailored for off-grid applications 

    InsoTrack Duo has been designed for off-grid and/or isolated areas. The installation of InsoTrack Duo does not require any specific machine, and the mounting height does not exceed 1,50m. The maintenance is highly limited during the lifecycle of the tracker, and the structure does not require any lubrication.

  • A high safety and maximal utilization rate

    InsoTrack Duo offers a maximal safety thanks to its low position and to its progressive safety mode. As a result InsoTrack Duo has a maximal utilization rate, while ensuring the compliance with the relevant wind resistance standards.

  • A maximal production

    The solar tracking algorithm maximizes the energy output, considering the weather conditions. It includes a remote monitoring module, making it possible to track in real time the energy production and the status of the installation.