InsoTrack Uno is a single-axis solar tracker that aims at easing the access to solar trackers for small- and middle-scale projects. InsoTrack Uno is the first cost-efficient low-scale solar tracker that makes is possible to apply the benefits of solar tracking to self-production projects.


  • Great modularity

    With a range of trackers from 1.2KWp to 4,2KWp, InsoTrack Uno can be applied to any type of projects, from residential use up to large-scale industrial self-production.

  • Maximization of the space utilization

    Thanks to its small size InsoTrack Uno enables an optimal use of the available space. Therfore InsoTrack Uno is perfectly suited for small and middle-scale applications, and is also a relevant complementary solution for utility-scale projects.

  • Easy to install and to maintain

    With a limited number of components, a low weight and a maximum mounting height of one meter, InsoTrack Uno is easy to install and does not require any specific machine. The maintenance is highly limited during the lifecycle of the tracker, and the structure does not require any lubrication.

  • Smart tracking

    Insotrack Uno has a real-time energy production optimization algorithm that takes into account the weather conditions, the heating of the panel and the shadows.